Embark Homeschool Conference

Want to know if you’re doing enough for your highschooler? Worried about gaps in their education? Concerned about whether or not they’ll make it in college?

These are questions that keep parents up at night. And you need more than a reassuring pat on the back to rest easy. If you’re about to drive yourself (and your family!) crazy with worry, doubt, and guilt about the future of your teenager, we can help.

Embark Homeschool Conference

Your Heading Here

Your Heading Here

Embark Conference

February 22-24, 2018

an online event for homeschool parents of middle school and high school students

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The Embark Conference is an online event encouraging and educating parents of middle school and high school students.

This 3-day online event will be held Thursday, February 22 - Saturday, February 24, featuring some of your favorite and the most well-known speakers and include topics such as homeschool organization and planning, tips for ACT/SAT and college prep, vocational and practical readiness for life after homeschool, nurturing your child's spiritual walk, and much more.


  • Access to all sessions LIVE, as well as recordings of all 18 sessions and three panel discussions
  • The Embark Handbook, containing workshop handouts, notes, and priceless resource lists
  • Access to the private Embark Facebook group, where you can connect with other parents walking a similar journey

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